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Five great scientists, teachers and professors give a 15 minute lecture about their favorite topic. 

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Barry Fitzgerald.jpg

How can super heroes excite new scientific inventions?

Door: Dr. Barry Fitzgerald - TU Eindhoven
Barry Fitzgerald.jpg

This lecture is basically about super hero science. Think about the exo-skeleton suit of iron man, hawk eye with his super eyesight or even dead pool with organic steel skin. All innovative ideas and someday, thanks to science, they might become our reality. But how realistic are these inventions? And how will they be used; for the good or bad?

Mark Post.jpeg

Would you eat cultured meat?

Door: Prof. Dr. Mark Post - Maastricht University
Mark Post.jpeg

If we don’t change anything, global meat consumption will be increased by 70% in 2050. This is problematic because we simply cannot produce that much meat worldwide. Also there are environmental issues that cannot be ignored. So we have to look at alternatives. How can we create meat that looks and tastes the same as real meat, and is even healthier?

Erik van Sebille.jpg

Where is all the plastic in the ocean?

Door: Dr. Erik van Sebille - Utrecht University
Erik van Sebille.jpg

We can only map 1% of all the plastic in the ocean. Of the majority of all the plastic - 99% - we have no idea where it is. Why is it so important to know where the plastic is? Because if we don’t know, we also don’t know where plastic is doing harm, and we cannot find effective solutions to eliminate the plastic. Erik van Sebille will explain how they are trying to find all the plastic.

Luc van Loon.jpg

Why do we need protein and physical activity?

Door: Prof. dr. Luc van Loon - Maastricht University
Luc van Loon.jpg

Without you even noticing, your skeletal muscles completely renew themselves every 50 to 100 days. Because our body breaks down muscle at such a high rate, it needs to be continuously stimulated and provided with sufficient nutrients to rebuild muscle tissue. Luc van Loon will tell us all about why protein intake and exercising are so important at any age and how we can improve our muscles by combining the two in certain ways.

Thea Hilhorst.jpg

Why do we need to fix the humanitarian aid system?

Door: Prof. dr. Thea Hilhorst - Erasmus University
Thea Hilhorst.jpg

Currently, 135 million people in the world rely on humanitarian aid because of war, persecution, poverty and climate-related disasters. Climate change is a game changer: expectations are that many more people all over the world will be forced to flee their homes. It’s impossible for humanitarian agencies and NGO’s to keep up with this number of people in need. The traditional ways of providing aid are no longer working in this new era. Thea Hilhorst will explain why and how humanitarian aid needs to be fixed.